Our mission is to help the athlete in you reach peak performance. CRYO Sports Recovery services is located in the Scripps Ranch community conveniently located off I-15.  We specialize in helping athletes recover from injuries, muscle fatigue, pain management, and overall performance.

The Science behind 78 CRYO Services

Nitrogen (7) and Oxygen (8) are the natural scientific elements that we use in our equipment to allow your body's circulatory system to naturally promote fast recovery and improved strength. 

Recovery Services


Forget Ice Baths. Let Cryotherapy cool your body to -220 degrees in less than 3 minutes. Reduce inflammation, flush toxins, elevate your mood and release endorphins for a faster recovery and a better night’s sleep.

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Red Light Therapy

Ensure your workouts more effective. Red light therapy improves the mitochondria respiration cycle which leads to faster formation of the muscle stem cells that develop into stronger healthier muscle tissue.

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Hyperbaric Chamber

Recover from injuries faster. Mild Hyperbaric Oxygen chamber increase the oxygen levels in your blood stream which accelerates healing and results in getting you quickly back in the big game.

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Air Compression

Want less stiffness, soreness, increased mobility and flexibility. Air Compression technology speeds up your body’s natural healing processes by enhancing blood flow to your muscles to facilitate cellular muscle repair.

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After one session of Cryotherapy + Red Light, the inflamation in my knee was reduced and I was back on the road jogging again.

Laurie A.

HBOT gives me the competive advantage and extra energy I need to stay strong in the 4th quarter of the game.

James R.

While training for the Ironman, I would use Leg Compression services after every long workout to get rid of the lactic acid buildup in my sore muscles.  

Christian C.

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Coaches - Take advantage of Special packages designed specifically to keep your athletes in peak performance.

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