Tracking your Pregnancy with Fit3D

Are you pregnant and want a better way to track your body changes over time?

 You may think that our Fit3D scanner is only used for tracking full body measurements, fat % and muscle mass; well it is, BUT it’s not the only thing! The Fit3D scanner is a great tool for us to track all types of body changes over time. This includes the body shape and posture changes during pregnancy.

Unlike BIA devices that pass electricity through your body, Fit3D is not invasive, so it doesn’t pass any current through your body. Women can track their entire pregnancy through every trimester, but they can also track their body transformations through postpartum as well.

This is super cool for 2 reasons.

  • Fast, you can scan your whole body in 40 seconds
  • Safe.  It uses no radiation and does not penetrate your body
  • Detailed informative report on your changes
  • They can get a keepsake memory of your baby bump.
  • Even 3d print it if they want.

Postpartum women are a large demographic of prospects who want to get their body back in shape. Fit3D is a great technology to show these women how changes in body fat & mass change over time - it’s about education.