Pro Athletes use Red Light Therapy for Game Changing Results

Over the last few years, a large number of pro athletes and professional teams, and world-class trainers have added red light therapy into their daily workout and recovery routines with pretty incredible results. Clinical research has shown that Red light therapy is effective and provides the the following benefits.

  • Relieves pain and inflammation
  • Increases Collagen production for skin
  • relieves muscle aches and faster recovery
  • pain and stiffness from rheumatoid arthritis
  • promotes wound healing and tissue repair
  • improves joint health and degenerative osteoarthritis
  • improves sleep
  • Better Physical performance

Red Light Therapy or the technology known as Photobiomodulation Therapy (PBMT), isn’t new but the equipment and people using the system are.

There continue to be a growing impressive list of athletes turning to Red Light Therapy in the athletic routine.  Some of the early supporters of Red Light Therapy were the Phoenix Suns and Nike’s Oregon Project that trains Olympic distance runners.  “We got one about righ before the Rio Olympics and used it in our training,”

Alberto Salazar, Head Coach of the Oregon Project, “I felt that for that next month that we had the best workouts in terms of consistency that we’ve ever had with our group.”

“It does two things for me,” Tyson Chandler with the Phoenix Suns, “It gives me a little more energy, has my muscles feeling fresh and then after the activity it helps me recover for the following day.”

The benefits in injury recovery make Red Light therapy an appealing product for the NFL.  The latest potential benefits are for those suffering concussions and traumatic brain injuries.

Patrick Peterson has made the Pro Bowl in all 7 of his NFL seasons as cornerback with the Arizona Cardinals. He’s one of the most consistently elite athletes in all of sports, and to stay at the top of his game as he nears 30 years of age.

"My energy level is up, my mental game is much clearer, and the way I sleep & feel is totally different since I implemented Red Light Therapy" says Patrick Peterson

NFL stars like Patrick Peterson & Keenan Allen have adopted Red Light Therapy.  Dallas Cowboys star DeMarcus Lawrence has emerged as one of the NFL’s elite defensive linemen over the last two seasons. He added red light therapy to his training camp routine and loves how he feels after draining late-summer practices. Teammate Cowboys D-lineman Tyrone Crawford has followed his lead and added it to his routine. Just down the road in Houston, Tyrann Mathieu is training with red light and anchoring the Texans secondary.

The Buffalo Bills new world class Sports Performance center includes aw 1,600-square foot Player Recovery space also includes a 700-square foot Recovery Lounge. This expanded sports science space allows the staff to more effectively customize programs for each individual player through extensive case-by-case testing. There is an  hyperbaric oxygen therapy room, a red light therapy room and now contains Cryotherapy facilities to aid players in muscle recovery.